Funding for our programs like Matches For Meals™ is made possible through the generosity of both corporate partners and individual donors (patrons of G.O.L.F. - Global Opportunities for Learning Foundation). For all of our corporate partners and Patrons of G.O.L.F, we want to thank you in advance for your 501(c)3 deductible generosity.

Both of these entities are part of an organization dedicated to growing the game of golf and perpetuating the values of honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship that are inherently associated with the game of golf. In addition, they will be part of a larger movement that seeks to provide health & wellness and social equity benefits in communities across the country.

Community based Parks and Recreation programs are one of the gateways to a healthier world, and they ensure that communities are truly livable. As a part of multiple community programs, the Matches For Meals™ Leagues help:

  • Reduce obesity and incidence of chronic disease by providing opportunities to increase rigorous physical activity in a variety of forms
  • Provide a connection to nature, which studies demonstrate relieves stress levels, tightens interpersonal relationships, and improves mental health
  • Aid in reducing hunger in the world by increasing access to nutritious food options via our Feed My Starving Children partner
  • Foster overall wellness and healthful habits through outdoor activities and engaging in enrichment opportunities that promotes social responsibility that adds balance to life.