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Coaching Matches For Meals

We combine friendly competition with cultural exchange under an umbrella of charitable giving to those in desperate need of food. Most of all is it easy to coach and easy to play the life-sport of golf for kids ages 8-10 or 11-13.

No leagues to form

Matches For Meals is 100% online so a single team can play a full schedule against teams found on our Match Board. Imagine playing anyone in the world, head-to-head without ever leaving home. This changes everything!

12 kids per team, per age group

Co-ed is okay and everyone plays and records a score. Matches For Meals is designed for parent participation, it couldn't be easier to teach golf or be more fun for the players. Golf without borders is now a reality!

SNAG Technology

SNAG is the world's leader in 'First-Touch' golf. You can play and practice indoors or outdoors with their safe equipment and velcro-like targets and balls. The ball 'sticks' to the 'flagsticky' and you record your team and individual scores online.

Fun and Easy

Depending on the age and ability of the child, the tennis-like ball will fly about 25 to 60 yards. A complete and detailed coaching guide on practice, drills, games and match day prep is included. This truly is fun for the kids and easy to coach!

Easy Setup

Using our Matches For Meals rangefinder, any open space becomes your golf course. Simply build a course to the exact measurements shown on our template and your opponent does the same. Choose a match day and it’s Game On!

Regardless of your coaching ability, you can do this!

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