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SNAG - Starting New At Golf - is the world's leader in "First - Touch" golf.

SNAG is the world’s leader in "First-Touch" golf as it is found in over 10,000 schools and 42 countries worldwide. Over 6 million people including elementary PE students and legions of First Tee participants have swung a golf club for the first time by utilizing SNAG equipment to learn the basics of learning to play golf.


This video is an outstanding example of how the Midwest PGA Section's uses SNAG Technology to achieve its "Grow the Game" goals. As a collective group of all section professionals, they have gone from teaching 3,000 kids to golf a year to now over 250,000 kids a year by using school PE to introduce golf in class. Please watch the SNAG-In-School program to learn more.

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"In Japan, SNAG just registered its first professional national champion... The current Japan Open champion Nasa Hataoka, at age 17, was the youngest person to ever win a professional golf event, let alone the Japan Open. She was also a SNAG - JGTO Cup participant as a grade school player." She credits her current golfing skills to an early start with SNAG!

SNAG and its unique programming to teach golf was co-created by two PGA Tour golf professionals and a team of PhD. educational learning specialists to create the world’s most advanced system to introduce golf to the new learner, especially young learners. SNAG’s equipment and programming utilize the science of human learning, combining components such as chromo-psychology, neurolinguistics, learning styles and psycho-acoustics to accomplish its goals.

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